Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Super Tacos at Rolando's

Rolando's Super Taco is a Tacoland legend. I had never been there myself, but I had heard murmurings of tacos that no mortal being could take on.. Tacos literally the size of your head. This morning I braved the humidity and heat in order to go where so many have gone before me.

Rolando's Super Taco
919 W Hildebrand Ave - (210) 732-6713

When we walked in we were greeted by Rolando himself. He smiled and welcomed us. As we got close to our table I realized who he was. I have had heaps of Migas lately so I was ready for something altogether different. I was hungry, too, so when I saw that they had free chips I was stoked. There were three salsas provided. One was bright, one roasted, one seemed like a green salsa. None of them had the flavor that I longed for. They were bland and had blind spiciness. The chips were a thick and brittle. No sweet tea, either, so that was another downer.

When I looked at the menu there were plenty of options for vegetarians and now they serve small tacos as well, so you don't have to order something that weighs the same as some newborn babies. I chose the Cheese Enchilada Super Taco. The service was good with frequent refills and tacos in a fairly timely manner.

The flavor of the taco was fully saturating and lively. The layers of beans, cheese, enchilada sauce, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole were perfectly complimenting. The only addition I would have made would have been adding some corn tortilla to the mix to give it the enchilada texture. The American cheese wasn't even half bad with this combination, but I imagine Cheddar would have been so much better. The only major complaint I have was that the tortillas didn't taste home made and they seemed tough, as if they had been microwaved. With a taco of this magnitude you really have to cut it into reasonable sized bites or you'll be wearing it instead of eating it.

I will definitley be back. Rolando's rocked my world.
I give them 3 1/2 out of 5 tacos.

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